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Making the Move to Omni-Channel Freight Service

DATE: July 26, 2017

TIME: 1:30pm - 2:30pm EST


Online retail is having a profound effect on the traditional supply chain.  Freight carriers are experiencing changes in delivery volume and frequency, as well as an increased demand for residential delivery.  With these changes come a greater demand for customer visibility of delivery status.  As a result, more carriers are faced with the challenge of rethinking their delivery models.  They are broadening the scope of their services to include final mile delivery. 

Carriers are discovering that their current Transportation Management System is not designed to help them meet the planning, dispatching, and customer visibility needs inherent in final mile delivery.  A solution to this challenge is adding a final mile software component to their TMS.  What should companies look for when choosing final mile software, and what are the pitfalls they should avoid?

This Webinar will cover

  • How the increase in eCommerce and omni-channel have forced carriers to rethink their transportation models.
  • Why carriers are adding a Final Mile component to their current TMS.
  • The importance customer visibility to delivery status throughout the supply chain.



Charles Dawson, Marketing Manager
Charles Dawson is the Marketing Manager for TMW Systems’ Appian FinalMile line of software solutions.

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