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Original Webinar Date: November 14th, 2018 from 1:30 - 2:30 PM EDT.

Join us for a comprehensive webinar on our newest product offerings in the Innovative application! Find out how you can use our recently developed tools to increase employee retention, avoid wasted man-hours, and boost operational safety. IES RouteSync and IES ExtendedPay are the modules you need to upgrade your TMS.

IES RouteSync provides the crucial link between the planned route back in the office, and the actual route navigated in the vehicle. Dispatches can send trip routes from PC MILER ® directly to their drivers’ in-vehicle devices. Text-list directions are replaced with turn-by turn guidance, and optimized for efficient fuel stops.


We’ll show you how IES RouteSync can reduce expenditures from non-revenue mileage by minimizing the variance between actual and planned routes. Learn how you can and respond faster to out-of-route conditions, saving time and increasing employee satisfaction. We’ll also show you how to limit liability through strict routing of Hazmat loads, and better route planning in general.

IES ExtendedPay is debuting in the 2018.2 release as a new module for the IES Platform. Expand your pay choices and save time with our new pay functionality and automated payroll processes. Diminish operational costs and get your drivers paid faster with this fully-integrated solution.

We’ll discuss how to better incentivize your drivers and reduce turnover by implementing a pay rate based on weekly miles driven. Streamline payroll with one-time quick payments to owners or drivers without performing the entire Settlements process. We’ll also discuss setting automatic updates to driver pay rates based on months of service.

If you want to save your organization money, time, and liability, you need to see Trimble’s newest release of IES!

What you'll learn:

In IES RouteSync:

  • How to save money on fuel and mileage
  • How to implement address validation and more accurate ETA’s
  • How to increase driver efficiency and support on-time delivery
  • How to limit liability through safe route planning

In IES ExtendedPay:

  • How to better incentivize your drivers with increased rates based on more efficient driving
  • How to get drivers paid more quickly with less manual work from your payclerks
  • How to import driver work hours to pay an hourly rate based on months of service