This webinar has passed.

Original Webinar Date: October 10th, 2018 from 1:30 - 2:30 EDT

Mobile_ImagingHave you ever lost an important document beneath a mess of papers on your desk? Do you have difficulties getting information from your drivers, because they’re out on the road and can’t fax or email you? Have you looked up records in your system, only to realize that the wrong bill of lading was paired with your order? Trimble Cloud Imaging is a user-friendly SaaS application. Use it to capture, retrieve, index, and print images from anywhere, at any time. Use it alone, or pair it with our Mobile Imaging product for even more functionality.

Cloud Imaging integrates with transportation management systems like TMW.Suite or TruckMate to keep operations simple and efficient. You won’t need to open another program to view your images! Bills of lading, invoices, even manifests can be uploaded, no matter where you are, and accessed directly from your TMS platform. Our Mobile Imaging application offers additional convenience, allowing you to take and send pictures directly from your smartphone. When used together, Cloud and Mobile Imaging will revolutionize your operations.

Learning to use the application is easy. The intuitive design actually guides you through the process of capturing and uploading each document using your smartphone or other methods. Get a peek at our Dashboard interface and see how you can view seven day’s worth of activities in a glance!

Our webinar will also provide an overview of Cloud Imaging and Mobile Imaging’s main benefits and tools. Learn what it is, who it’s for, and how you can use it to streamline much of your records processing. We’ll walk you through some of our largest features, such as Email Integration, Rendition Processing, and more. We’ll also discuss important set-up functionality such as user permissions and automated provisioning.


In this webinar, we'll show you:

  • An overview of the new Trimble Cloud Imaging and Trimble Mobile Imaging applications
  • How to use these solutions to prevent indexing errors
  • The value of integrating cloud and mobile imaging together
  • A demonstration of the two systems